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About system DECTRO

Hight voltage overhead electric lines detector - DECTRO 500


System "DECTRO" is a over line overhead electric lines device. 


It is intented to any kind of vehicle  with a metallic part which may accidently touch a hight voltage electric line.


When the boom comes near the electric line, device start visual and audible alarm and block boom movement.

It will can be unbolted by user, after to have located line (DANGER) and under his responsability.


The device sensitivity has been adapted to an overhead electric lines 20000 volts detection, to indicate line presence in vehicle environment.


Used like prevention mean, the detector prevent user of hight voltage overhead electric line proximity, but doesn't shield him from applying the safety rules.



Technical specifications


- Hight voltage overhead electric lines detection (20000 volts and more).

Accordance to specifications of electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

- Device protected against radiophones disruptions.

- Power supply: 24 VDC or 12 VDC from the car battery.

- Consumption and clutters limited (embedded mode).

- Outside boxes watertight:IP66 - IP67 - not outside connectic

- Operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C

- Start and power cut automatic mode

- Autotest of device for every switched on

- The triggering threshold of the device is adjusted in manufacture and installation (if necessary)

- Positive safety concept (permanent self monitoring)

- The device is leaded to installation.

- The device sensitivity limits give impossible lines 220V - 380V detection

- System don't detect continues tensions presence 



- Pilot signal of a flashing light 

- Wireless movement of audible signal "Alarm"

- For specific applications:possibility to add one or several antennas


DECTRO is a JMJ TECHNOLOGIE registered trademark


References standards


- ECE R10 Rev 3 (2012)

EMC norms (electromagnetic compatibility), applicable to electrics and electronics equipments in automotive environment.


This regulation is an extension after European Community of European directive 2004/104/CE 


Conformity EC




Certificate of conformity