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Annual inspection of hight voltage lines devices


Inspection must to check periodically electric lines devices working:


- Distance of detection control with adjustment if necessary (adjustment of device sensitivity).

- Usual functions checking 

- Autotest checking, visuals and audibles alarms, connectic and wiring

- Upgrade software if necessary

- Change of flashlight or buzzer damaged

- Tests - driver training


A report of inspection is write for every hight voltage overhead electric lines detector.


Maintenance agreement of devices 

Maintenance and control of detectors on your set of vehicles. If there is a breakdown or a malfunction, we ensure the device of detection repair.   

Study according to detectors set.


Electric adjustment of vehicles

Commercial vehicle electric equipment which need to a source of energy necessary for instrumentation devices working within the framework of measures technical vehicle.


- Study, putting of an electric supplying start by technical batteries and a converter

- Realization of an electrical panel - protection by circuit breakers

- Electrical distribution to workstation - wiring in respect of EMC norms which applicate to radioelectricals disruptions risks.

Specifics studies

On register, JMJ TECHNOLOGIE propose to study possibilities to adapt a detection device to engines of site in a safety objective.



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