Dectro 500-EPV


Equipment about detection of a volumetric zone around a radius of 40m (for a ladder or a boom of 30m) from an overhead electric line 20KV AC.

2 antennas for detection of high voltage overhead electric lines

Situated on every side of vehicle, near the cabin.  

One threshold of detection

DANGER: threshold of detection parametrable for installation and according to leight of the ladder and the type of vehicle (position of antennas). 

Central processing unit

Central processing unit box in cabin.

One box of visualization

A box of the alarms placed on dashboard with an indicator and a swith to validate the indicator of siren, voluntary action of responsible personn when vehicle arrive on site, thus a push button to acquit the audible alarm (only for a consideration about information of Danger by responsible personn).
Visual and audible alarms are started automatically in detection on bracking.

- Outside flashing light which must be positionned near antennas (according to locations) 

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