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                                         Inspection for devices of high voltage lines
Inspection must to check periodically how devices of electric lines can work:
- Distance of detection control with ajustment if necessary (sensitivity of device adjustment).
- Checking of usual fonctions.
- Checking of autotest, visual and audible alarms, connectic and wiring.
- Upgrade of software if necessary.
- Changment of lamp or a damaged buzzer.
- Tests - training of the driver.
A report of inspection is write for every device of high voltage overhead electric lines.
                                                         Maintenance agreement of devices

Maintenance and control of devices on your group of vehicles.

Il there is a breakdown or a malfunction, we ensure you the repair of your device of detection. 
Study according to group of devices.

                                                         Specifics studies: prevention and safety

On register, JMJ Technologie propose to study possibilities to adapt a device of detection with vehicles in site in a safety objective.

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